Viper Security Systems Ltd is now a dormant company, the clients were all sold to 1st Ace Security in December 2017.

A brief outline of Viper Security Systems

I set Viper Security Systems Ltd up in 2013, and literally poured everything i had into it, my heart, my soul and all available resources to hand, making it a successful company, i worked 7 days a week often without a break and soon became a strong contender within the security companies around the Sevenoaks area, offering excellent service and high specification security systems at affordable prices.


In 2016 i became a victim of my own success and struggled to keep up with high demand of running a company single handedly, and in the meantime had also met and fallen in love with a very special lady, Caroline. We had both decided we wanted children together and looked to set up our family home. I couldn't achieve this without the help of 1st Ace Security Ltd, where i had sold them all of Viper Security Systems Ltd service contract customers in December 2017 and integrated Viper Security Systems Ltd under the 1st Ace Security umbrella, utilising their Tunbridge Wells office to continue to look after existing Viper Security clients and new 1st Ace clients. I took a position with 1st Ace Security as an engineer, and assisted in running their Tunbridge Wells branch. With no call out, or weekend work meant i could concentrate more on building my own family and have the backing of a successful NSI Gold approved security company employing some 65+ members of staff. Meaning my clients were still looked after and i had time to spend concentrating on my family and building our lives.


Life was good again, Caroline and i had our first daughter, Lucy in June 2017, we bought a house together and set up our home in April 2018 then had Jenna our second daughter in March 2019. We enjoyed holidays together, had days out and life was truly beautiful


Unfortunately 2019 was to be the year that everything changed.


In October 2019 Caroline was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, she had some pains in her back prior to this and we put it down to the fact she'd had Jenna in March the same year. She was quickly put onto a course of chemotherapy, but her body rejected it and she had a bad reaction, followed by a stay in hospital. We were then told she woudn't be going back onto chemotherapy, and we were sent home with a carrier bag full of medication, numbers to call for advice, emergencies etc.


1st Ace Security took care of my clients and i became Carolines full time carer, whilst looking after our two beautiful daughters. I had two hours sleep most nights, i lost two stone in weight and watched as the woman i love deteriorated before my eyes. In just four weeks from diagnosis, Caroline died. She passed away at Hospice In The Weald on the very day of her admission - My heart truly broke and not a day goes by where i don't break down, i ask why all the time, and answers never come. But i'm strong, my beautiful girls need me and give me the strength each day to keep fighting on. I am forever indebted to the wonderful family and friends i have around me that have and continue to provide such invaluable support


In the future i plan to work as a sub contractor to 1st Ace Security but right now i have to prioritise my family and look after my beautiful girls.



RIP Caroline Knibbs 24th March 1979 - 6th November 2019 Forever in my heart


My heartfelt thanks also go out to 1st Ace Security, who were incredibly supportive of my situation, Paul Simpson the Managing Director of 1st Ace Security went over and above to ensure that myself and my family were very well looked after. Once i'm in a better position and my girls are a bit older i look forward to returning to 1st Ace Security and hopefully crossing paths with former Viper Security Systems Ltd clients once again



Kevin M Curtis (3rd September 2020)



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